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Celtic Design Pearl Necklace


Celtic Pewter and Pearl Necklace

Made from the finest lead free pewter with a genuine fresh water pearl supplied with an 18" chain and gift boxed as illustrated

Chain Length: 18" (46cm)
Charm Width: 6.5cm
Charm Height: 4cm

£18.24 inc VAT

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Pearls can be divided into saltwater and freshwater varieties, and account for over 95% of world production. Typically, saltwater pearls are rounder and more expensive than freshwater pearls but the freshwater pearls are cultured in a huge variety of shapes and colours, adding more interest and versatility. For freshwater pearls, a nucleus of shaped mantle (mollusc tissue that secretes nacre) from another mollusc is introduced into a mussel. The shape of the inserted mantle tissue determines to some extent the final shape of the pearl. However, it is the mollusc that makes the final shaping decision and man cannot change that! Freshwater pearls are grown in mussels, each of which can grow between 10 to 20 pearls.

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