Pair Celtic Knot Crystal Brandy Glasses
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Pair of Hand Engraved Crystal Brandy Glasses  (10% lead oxide)


1 Pair Crystal Brandy Glasses Available in 2 designs, Design 1 Round Knot and Design 2 Triangular Knot Hand engraved crystal Celtic knot brandy glasses the ideal gift, prize or special presentation. It is presented in a quality gif box as illustrated in the image. This item is suitable for engraving

Dimensions Glass (each)
Height 11.8cm - Width at rim 5.7cm - Width at middle 8.5cm - Contents 8.5oz
Weight (each Glass) 134 grams - Weight of set (box incl) 510 grams
This Glassware Available to UK ONLY

Celtic Design 1
Round Never Ending Knot

£25.48 inc VAT

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Celtic Design 2
Triangular Never Ending Knot

£25.48 inc VAT

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